Ability & Activity Fields

   Silos Construction  

The presiding of Engagement and successfully completion of numeral inland silo construction projects on EPC and Turn Key basis as well as renovation project of old silos led to awarding the construction of 6 silo projects on total capacity of 180,000 tons in country of Turkmenistan as well as 10 silo projects in Syrian Arab Republic on total capacity of one million tons . Due to Desired directorship and successful completion of 10 silo projects in Syria and full satisfaction of relevant Syrian client in every respect , 5 more extension projects on total capacity of 170,000 tons in constructed silos awarded to team of management free of tender formalities which new assignment as well completed and handed over client within designated contractual time frame of projects .

    Power Plant Projects

In addition to management of various inland power plant construction projects and successful completion , partial construction of two power plant projects in Syrian Arab Republic  were awarded to our management team by Iranian Mapna company (Management of Power Plant Projects of Iran) which were successfully completed in accordance with contractual time schedule due to adequate directorship of projects .

   Construction of Cement Factories

The successful management and completion of numeral inland cement factory construction projects in accordance with contract terms and conditions without recording any failure case may serves as one of achieved masterpiece records of our management team .

  The management team have professionally presided few petroleum construction projects cross the country as well in South Pars Projects (Asaluyeh ) which have already successfully completed and handed over to relevant clients  

    Building and Complexes Projects

The successfully completion of Various civil construction projects such as housing complexes , sport complex , special purpose building complex , etc are incomparable directorship records of management team in this field .